Delirious Gaming

This isn't just a Gaming Community, this is a Gaming Revolution.

Discrimination Free

Everyone, regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation is equal here.

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Limited Scriptfodder

We try to maintain some level of "custom" on our servers, we try to limit the ammount of paid scripts as much as possible.

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Underloaded Hardware*

All servers we run are kept under a certain CPU Utilization percentage to esnsure a predictable level of performance, if we cannot run a game smoothly we will take it down until we can find a solution.

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We are here to provide an enjoyable gaming experience with the best staff, nothing less.

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Best. Rank. System. Ever.

Compared to almost any other community out there we have the most balanced and fair staff system, admin abuse is almost non-existant with even Owners forced to follow rules or be punished by community.

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No "Perks" for Donating

We will never accept any form of monetary donations in exchange for player perks, they are unfair to those unable to pay and stifles innovation.

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"There is a deep rooted problem today with most game clans, groups, communities being run by power-hungry individuals who are only drawn by the money and/or bragging rights. We are here to change that. We will change that."

- MonkeySpanker

Co-Founder - Delirious Gaming + Fragstorm



Hosting and Managing Game Servers since 2014

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*Service intended for North American Citizens, will expand to Europe in due time.