Delirious Gaming

This isn't a Gaming Community.
This is a Gaming Revolution.

Community Development Progress

Last Updated: 1/31/16 12:56 PM-PST

Website Progress

Progress of Coverpage and forum setup.


Stronghold Server Progress

Progress of the upcoming Stronghold server. (Data Loss)


gm_Fork Server Progress

Progress of the upcoming Build server.


CS:GO Server Progress

Progress of the upcoming CS:GO server.


DarkRP Server Progress

Progress of the upcoming DarkRP server. (Postponed)


CS:GO Matchmaking

Progress of the upcoming CS:GO Matchmaking server and website. (Data Loss)


Forum Redesigns

Progress of forum redesigns.


TF2 Community Progress

Progress of the upcoming Team Fortress 2 Community!


Minecraft Community Progress

Progress of the upcoming Minecraft Community. (Postponed Until Decision to keep is passed)


What we Do.

Garry's Mod - CS:GO - TF2 - Minecraft

We are an international, multi-game community that has plans to institute muiltiple servers across the world based on 3 different games such as Garrysmod, CS:GO, TF2, Minecraft with our primary focus being in Garrysmod. We are expanding to TF2 in Mid 2016 with our mindset following. 

Garry's Mod Branch CS:GO Branch TF2 - Mid 2016 Minecraft - Late 2016 (Likely Cancellation)

Who we are.

Cool People

We are a group of caring individuals with the drive to better the Garrysmod Community as it is currently being attacked by a wave of prepubescent teenagers and their "Amazing Servers" filled to the brim with overused addons and scripts from notable websites such as Scriptfodder or Coderhire. We follow a strict community guideline that prevents us from abusing our position in the community and never add anything to the server without prior community approval. 

See our Vision of the Perfect Community

How we are Different.

"Donations" = B*******

What makes Delirious Gaming different and unique compared to other communities is the fact that we believe in a server that does not allow players to gain an unfair advantage through the use of "Donations". We feel as this common tactic used by many server owners fosters a stagnant playerbase. We also firmly believe in a Staff Team that follows a strict guideline and always takes the time to listen to both sides of the story. We will NEVER give staff members more than the neccesary permissions needed to fulfill their duties. (This applies to Founders aswell)

Administration Team

We are a group of friendly individuals that strive to create a relaxed yet exciting community (and yell at those that prevent us from doing this).







Development Team

We are a group of skilled individuals that constantly ensure the server and its addons work properly and efficiently.

Doctor Internet

Leads DarkRP server creation and setup.

Mr. Hatisk

N/A - Currently away


Developing Custom Gamemode.


Currently assisting in forum/website development. Working on Android/PC application for community. Leads CS:GO community/server creation/setup.